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Synerga Supplier Enablement

Synerga provides a cost effective and scalable solution to onboard and get the most out of your supplier partnerships

The Supplier Enablement Challenge

To maximise value from Procurement Transformation programs the solution should be adopted by all parties – particularly your suppliers.  If the digital process stops when information flows outside a company's 4-walls then efficiency, compliance and effectiveness is diminished.  

Change management workstreams typically focus on change within the organisation and traditional supplier enablement activities have focused on execution and account. The role of supplier enablement in a transformation program should be to align your end-to-end process to the capabilities of each persona to maximise value.  This incorporates elements of solution consulting, communication, training, support and technical enablement setup. 

Key Considerations

Design to Save
Free up Accounts Payable through automation with a focus on the top 20% of suppliers that typically account for 80% of spend volume and transaction volume. 

Risk-based Focus

Reduce your supplier risk through ongoing enablement particularly remaining ‘tail’ suppliers where risk commonly germinates.

Touchless Invoicing

Reduce data errors and manual processing through automated invoice creation and processing against the original order.

Content is Key

Increase adoption and compliance by delivering user-friendly content


Gateway Process
Is often the starting point to enable more complex collaboration with suppliers such as confirmations, shipping details, sharing of forecast data.

Why Enable Suppliers?

Before Enablement

Email & paper-based collaboration & Transacting
manual & slow, error prone and inconsistent

Manual checking, matching & notifications

Inefficient standalone processes across the source-buy-pay lifecycle

Poor business user experience making compliance to policy difficult

After Enablement

Real-Time Digital Collaboration & Transacting
fast & accurate, managed, audited & reported

Automated checking and touchless matching workflows with automated notifications

Fully connected processes allowing reuse of data, checking across processes and compliance to terms & conditions

Transparent and easy user for buyers and suppliers providing compliance and full visibility of process


How Synerga can help

Synerga provides a cost-effective and scalable solution to enable your suppliers to transact electronically with you and provide electronic content – such as catalogues. 

Through a managed service or dedicated program, we can provide:

  • Supplier analysis & data cleansing

  • Identify the enablement strategy based on optimal buying channels

  • Content management including catalogues and registration/qualification data

  • Onboarding suppliers onto your P2P solution

  • Technical integration for cXML and catalogue suppliers

  • Manage ongoing communication and queries with your suppliers

Our Approach


The Synerga approach adds capability to your team to provide both strategic and transactional support to digitise your supply chain:

  • Ensure supplier enablement strategy is in-line with the critical success factors of the program. 

  • The change and enablement approach is delivered as an extension to the buying channel and end-user process. 

  • Engaging your suppliers is done in-line with internal stakeholders in a trusting and respectful way using local team members.  

  • Multiple delivery offerings allows coverage across all suppliers  -  strategic, important and transactional.

Service Offerings

We have standard project offerings to start your supplier enablement journey at affordable fixed pricing. Also, to ensure you continue to onboard suppliers and keep up to date, we offer a flexible ongoing service at a low monthly cost.  Please contact us to discuss your particular needs and we will propose an approach and all-inclusive cost of service.


How can we help?

Let us know how we can help you achieve your procurement outcomes


Mat Theobald

Mat has more than 15 years’ experience delivering procurement related programs across banking, utilities, mining, oil & gas, public sector and retail.  Mat has a strong project delivery background from planning and business case through execution and optimisation.  Mat is a trusted advisor to many of the largest organisations across Australia and New Zealand.

Head of Procurement Services - ANZ

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